Help and Instructions

Background Story

You and your friends have a very special profession: You are Fortune Tenners! But who is the best among you? Time to figure it out...

Playing the Game

There are 60 cards in the game:

In the first round, every player starts with one card. In every following round, each player will get one more card, until ultimately there are no cards left (the more players there are in the game, the less rounds will be played).

Each round has 2 phases:

  1. Every player makes a prediction on how many tricks they are going to win
  2. The cards are played and the amount of tricks per player in this round is counted

Rules for playing the cards

The player who starts can play any card. The players who follow have to play a card of the same symbol if they can (Black Ribbon and Gothic Knot are always possible). If they cannot match the symbol, they can play any card they want.

The player who wins the trick can then play the next card.

Who wins the trick?

The cards are valued in the following order:

  1. Gothic Knot: The highest card of all - can not be beaten
  2. Trump symbol: Cards with the symbol of the trump are valued higher than any other number (e.g. trump 1 is higher than any symbol other 13).
  3. First card symbol: Everytime in a round that the first card is played (the one other players have to match), this symbol is higher than the remaining symbols.
  4. Number card: If the played symbol does not match the first card and is not trump, it will never win the trick.
  5. Black Ribbon: Lower than any other card is the Black Ribbon.

To win a trick, you need to play a card which has a higher value than all the cards before and there must not be any higher valued cards following.

Special Situations


After every round, your predictions are compared to your actual tricks. If your prediction has been correct, you will get 20 points and 10 points for every trick you won.

If your prediction was wrong, you will lose 10 points for every trick you are above or below your prediction.

For example, if you predicted 3 tricks and acutally got 3, you will receive 50 points (20 for the correct prediction and 10 for each trick). Whereas your opponent who predicted 2 and got 4 will lose 20 points (because the prediction was 2 tricks off).

Hosting a Game

Before you can start a game, one of your group has to host a game. To do so, in the Game Browser enter your name in the top and click the button Host Game.

Here you can define the following game settings:

Below the settings you can see the players who have already joined the game lobby. Click on Become a player to make this player actively participate in the game.

In the list of active players you can use the buttons to make them become spectator again (remove from active player list), you can kick player (if you don't want them to participate) and switch position to arrange the players at the table in the desired order.

As soon as there are 3 to 6 players participating actively, you can click the button to start the game.

Joining a Game

If your friend has already created a game, after entering your name, click the Join button next to your friend's game in the overview.

As joining player, you can become a player or become spectator to switch your participation status.

Game Interface

After the game has started, the following areas are relevant for you: